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Answers to these frequently asked questions are intended to provide brief information relevant to your child's health. If you would like to speak with us regarding any of these topics, do not hesitate to call us.
What type of illnesses does an Allergist and Immunologist treat?
Are you accepting new patients?
What days are you open?
Do you accept my health insurance plan?
Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor to come to your office?
How do we contact the doctor after hours?
May I request a specific physician for my visit?
How often should I be seen in the office?
When will I receive lab or test results?
How do I obtain a prescription refill?
What should I do if I cannot accompany my child to an office visit?
Does your office charge a fee to complete forms or letters?
If I am currently receiving allergy shots, may I come to any of the 3 offices for my shots?
What happens if I miss my appointment?
Are you affiliated with any area hospitals?
May I bring my child's siblings to an office visit?