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Advocare Allergy & Asthma

Forms & Policies

New Patient Forms

**Please print, fill out and bring these forms with you to your visit**

Advocare Allergy & Asthma forms are listed below and can be printed for your convenience.

The Patient Registration Form, HIPAA Acknowledgement Form, and Patient History Questionnaire must be completed in advance and brought to the office for your first visit. This will save you time by not having to complete these forms while in the office. If you elect not to fill out these forms ahead of time, arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  In addition to these forms, it is imperative that you bring:

  Documentation of previous allergy or asthma evaluations: skin tests, blood tests, imaging studies, breathing tests,
  Current medications and dosages including herbal medication and vitamins,
  Previous X-rays, CAT scans, and/or blood work,
  Data about medication allergies or intolerances,
  Data about food allergies or intolerances

It is your responsibility to have all the correct and current information prior to the office visit so that the provider can perform at accurate assessment. Our office cannot be responsible for calling to obtain this information the day of the visit.  Failure to have the information may require you to come back for another visit prior to any formal assessment.

PDF Files require the use of Adobe's PDF Reader. Download it NOW!